What is the main ingredient in Fresh Hedz capsules?
The main ingredient in our capsules is the prickly pear. It is the fruit of the cacti Opuntia and is considered a superfood in its native region of the Americas. We understand that some of you do not associate fruit with a cactus, but many varieties are well-known for producing fruit and flowers.
How does it work?

Fresh Hedz capsules are a preventative hangover solution. The key word is PREVENTATIVE. That means it is an action to be taken before the night’s drinking commences. Simply take 2 capsules at least an hour before you start consuming alcohol. Please note that this is not a cure. Taking Fresh Hedz whilst you are experiencing a hangover will be less effective.

Will it work while I’m having a hangover?

As we have already mentioned, Fresh Hedz capsules are designed to be used BEFORE you start drinking. While some relief can be found taking the capsules after drinking, its primary benefits can only be fully utilised when used as instructed.

Does it contain any harsh chemicals?

No. Fresh Hedz capsules primary ingredient is an extract from the prickly pear and is 100% natural. We believe this is the best way for the body to heal itself.

I’m not drinking as much as I normally do tonight. Will I still experience a hangover?

Drinking any amount of alcohol can produce hangovers the next day. At times we end up drinking more than we planned or not realising we have consumed more alcohol than we think. It is advisable to take preventative measures before drinking ANY amount of alcohol.

Will Fresh Hedz harm me if I take without drinking?

Absolutely not! It’s natural ingredients are not dependent on your alcohol consumption. If you take the capsules and then decide to chill out for the evening and not consume alcohol our product will not harm you in any way.

Why do we get hangovers?

Science is not definitively sure. Whilst we have long known the effects of alcohol on the body, hangovers or why we get them is more of a mystery. Research shows that hangovers are a combination of factors that make you feel just miserable.Of course, alcohol affects different people in different ways, but your weight and body’s composition can be a factor. It is generally agreed that your body (particularly your liver) has to work a little harder due to your body being out of balance. Some research also suggests that consuming darker coloured drinks can affect the severity of your hangover. Hydration is a key factor as you tend to go the toilet more often whilst drinking, but drinking lots of water to replenish may not be the answer either.

What about “hair of the dog”? Consuming alcohol to sort out your hangover?

Whilst it may be a popular urban legend and sound a little fun, it generally seen as a very bad idea! Drinking alcohol whilst experiencing a hangover may appear to relieve the body; however this is just an illusion, and delaying the inevitable. In fact, when your new hangover arrives it is likely to be much worse than the last. Balancing the chemicals within the body is your best bet.

Are Fresh Hedz suitable for vegans/vegetarians or those with nut allergies?

Unfortunately no. Fresh Hedz capsules are not suitable for vegans/vegetarians. They should not be taken by those with a nut allergy. Sorry.

Are there any dangers in using Fresh Hedz?

As far as we know, there are no adverse effects from taking our product. They contain natural ingredients that have no known negative effects on the human body. If you are worried about your body’s reaction, we recommend you consult your doctor or physician before taking Fresh Hedz. If in the very unlikely event your body does react negatively, do not consume any further capsules and immediately consult your doctor or physician.

Am I drinking too much?

At Fresh Hedz we promote responsible drinking. While an overwhelming majority of people do drink moderately, alcohol dependence can be an issue for some. Hangovers can occur even when the drinker does not drink as much alcohol as the previous occasion,Fresh Hedz can help relieve this. Our product is not a solution for consistent alcohol abuse. If you or someone close to you is experiencing these issues please contact: Drinkline National Alcohol Helpline: 0300 123 1110 or your local alcohol treatment facility.

Remember To Always Drink Responsibly!